Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Have we been away on some fabulous tropical vacation?

No. My stupid laptop has a virus. I discovered the problem over the weekend when it wouldn't stop directing me to "porno.com". At least I wasn't using it in front of a class at the time.

So we're down to one computer in the house (I know- a real hardship- the world clearly revolves around my computer usage) so posts may be a bit slower in the coming days (weeks? God I hope not!).

On the plus side I find that I have much more free time after the kids go to bed now that I can't hang with my best friend facebook. Maybe this is a good thing after all...

In other news, Jack made me an adorable little duck the other day. I thought for sure this was one of those mass produced preschool projects but no, Brent gets the credit for this one. What a creative dad!

This warm summer weather has come and gone again, but at least we've had a taste of what's to come. I predict that the boys (all three of them!) will just live outside this summer. The garden is coming along- something is eating our broccoli plants, but Brent's on the case. Everything else is growing jut fine. We even had our first rhubarb crisp of the season last weekend!

I love that our house suddenly feels so much bigger when the sunny weather hits and everyone heads outside. The front yard is like another living room and the back deck becomes the dining area. Brent has worked so hard over the years on our yard and I believe it has finally all come together. Now all we need is a picnic table!

(Not from our garden. I wish. Credit to Lost Creek Farms- all of these freebees are awesome!)

Sawyer is starting to say a few words. His vocabulary is limited to uh oh, Mama, Dada, water, etc. He will mimic anything that Jack says but still doesn't use most of the words in context. Jack says he wants to teach Sawyer how to talk so that they can play together. Awww. Sawyer continues to be our super eater and an excellent sleeper. He makes us laugh everyday and has brought so much joy and comic relief to our family. He is just the sweetest and goofiest little guy.

Jack is learning to write his name. He can identify letters and numbers and his memory is eerily accurate. He has an eye for detail and nothing gets past him. He is opinionated and sassy. He loves his preschool class and his other weekly routines of going to the inside park and the library. He has become a painfully picky eater but we continue to fight the battle. He never ever ever ever wants to go to bed and will insist that he is NOT TIRED even as he fights to keep his eyes open. Jack is so smart that it almost scares me. I predict he will do something amazing with his life.

I am counting down the days until summer vacation. It's creeping up on us, but it just can't come soon enough for me. Even though I really do love my job, I am ready to spend my days at home with my family for awhile.

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