Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On the Eve

Brent's IPA is in the bottles! We snuck a few preview tastes and all seems well. If only we knew for sure that the beer would be delicious we could have tied some red ribbons on bottles and been done with Christmas gifts..

Instead I kept busy at the helm of my sewing machine, cranking out stuffed owls (awesome tutorial here), baby blocks (tutorial), a train hat (another great tutorial), handprint ornaments, market totes, and an apron for Jack. It is a good thing that I like to sew.

Jack and I made up a batch of peppermint bark, following this amazing recipe. We will triple all ingredients for next year.

Most of our gifts were homemade this year. Jack and I spent most of the month of December planning and making special gifts for everyone on our list, which was really fun for both of us. I think we underestimate the attention spans of little boys sometimes. Jack and I spent hours in the kitchen together and he patiently sat on my lap as I sewed seam after seam, waiting for his chance to help by pressing the backstitch button. When we were in an epic line at the fabric store, he turned to me and asked, "Mom, when we get home, please can we sew?" The lady behind us was quite impressed.

We scoured the thrift shops for old mason jars and made some lovely holiday candles. Glitter embellishments by Jack.

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  1. I love the new blog! I made several batches of bark this season and LOVED it, dangerously addictive. Those owls are adorable!!! Hope you all have a Happy New Year!