Monday, August 23, 2010

Scandia Pride! Represent, Yo.

(That title will make sense in a minute, kind of.)

Because I like to tempt fate, we trekked back to Bend once again. This time we had Brent along with us so of course nothing exceptionally horrible or funny happened, because apparently the kids save that sort of stuff for yours truly and yours truly only. In fact, the kids slept the whole way there and the whole way back. Relaxing for me but boring for you.

Moving on. Drinking pictures from Bend:

Yep, that's all I got. You try dealing with four kids under the age of 4 and operating a camera. Besides, since we were attending a party with a bunch of people we didn't know, Melanie and I both agreed it would be weird if I went around taking a million pictures. So take my word for it, we went to a party in Bend. It was fun. Again, zzzzzzzzz for you.

Moving on. Let's all take a moment to recognize the quaint little part of the earth known as Scandinavia, which I believe includes Denmark, Sweden, Norway and possibly Finland (depending on who you ask). My dad and I ran what can only be described as a quaint little race, the Scandia Run, earlier this month. I feel the need to tell you that I did not push the stroller in this race, as this picture might imply, but I have pushed that damn stroller while running many a time and so you can feel free to be impressed if you want.

So the race ended and there we were at the Scandinavian Festival. And, I know this is hard to believe, I actually had never been to the "World Famous" Scandinavian Festival before. Oh, then I remembered that I am Scandinavian! Danish to be exact, which I think is probably the best kind of Scandinavian to be, you know, for the pastries and all. Although those Norwegian trolls are pretty cool, too...

(Where are vikings from? Vikings are really cool.)

The other side of my family is Scottish. That's an easy one because everyone loves Scotland- the drinking! The kilts! The bagpipes! The haggis! What's not to love? It's cool to be Scottish. Scotland rocks! I've done a pretty good job connecting with my Scottish heritage, but the Danish, not so much. But here was my chance to identify with my fellow Scandinavians, right here in Junction City, Oregon!

So the kids and I stuck around and wandered the festivities for awhile until we came upon a standstill line that snaked all the way down the main drag and around a few corners. I figured whatever it was must be really good, so we went ahead and joined the epic line. Turns out we were waiting with the masses for Apfelsshnisschensomethingswedishsounding. Whatever, if it's a pastry I'm game (it's the Dane in me). So we waited for a good 15 minutes in The Line That Would Not Move next to a chatty older guy whose interest in his own Scandinavian heritage was mind-numbingly dull (way to give Scandinavians a bad name, buddy). Finally we got our deep fried apple dumpling thingies and sat on a bench to taste our treat. I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to fried dough, but I have to say that the Apfelsshniss... whatevers were just meh.

Next we found our way to the stage and watched some traditional children's dancing. Oh man was that ever cute, especially the little girls in their pinafores. Too bad my own kids were totally over the Scandinavian Festival at that point.

(I think Scotland wins here. I'd tell you all about my wild and debaucherous trips to Scotland here, but this is a family blog. Ahem.)

Still, if I ever did have a little girl, I would totally dress her up in one of these outfits for the Scandinavian Festival, because c'mon, pinafores and knee socks?! So freaking cute.

Moving on. Some people wish for friends in high places. We just wish for friends with a sweet Airstream and 2o something acres of land with a swimming hole who would invite us out for a day of picnicking and swimming.

(And I wish for photos that did not accentuate my tan lines. Whatever. I have fair skin. I am Scandinavian after all.)


  1. :D I didn't even notice the tan lines until you pointed them out. I was thinking how cute your swimsuit was. I love your writing by the way.

  2. what an awesome swimming spot!
    and, our last name means "son of viking sailor" ..but where are they from hmmmmm?