Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sawyer's Big Day

Fair is fair. Or at least it should be. Jack’s birthday was a pretty big deal around our house and we struggled to muster up the same enthusiasm for Sawyer’s birthday which follows Jack’s by a mere three weeks. Add in the postponed party and you’ve got two high energy events back to back. Have I mentioned before that we’ve been sick? Ugh- it’s been like the plague around here.

But we did have a festive birthday for the littlest member of our family and here is his birthday letter. Because fair is fair.

Dear Sawyer,

For the past three weeks you have been saying that you are turning four. I understand your confusion, but also I detect a note of envy in your claim. You have always wanted to be a big kid and I see that Jack makes four seem pretty cool. But don’t be in such a hurry to get there. You are still my baby. For now.

You are the most rambunctious toddler I have ever met. Your hands are always busy, often getting you into trouble. You love attention and you are willing to (literally) climb the walls in order to get it. You are hilarious and you love to make people laugh. Strangers love you- people tell me all the time that they feel compelled to pick you up- you have this sort of woodland nymph quality that attracts people. I tell them to go for it, if they can catch you.

Someday you will read a book by John Irving called A Prayer for Owen Meany and you will understand what I mean when I say you speak in capital letters. You also have this funny habit of addressing everyone by name at all times. You also love to ask repetitive questions and then answer them yourself. Sometimes your mouth gets going too fast for your brain to keep up and you say things like, “WHAZZ ZAT SOUND, MO-DAD-MOOOOOM? FIRETRUCK. WHOOO!" You crack us up on a daily basis.

You annoy your brother by repeating the things we’ve said to him as if you are some sort of authoritative echo. “BEDTIME, JACK!” And then you scamper off to bed only after you’ve amassed a substantial pile of your favorite toys and books. You want me to cover up all of your treasures when I tuck you into bed. Sometimes I wonder how you manage to sleep all crammed in like that.

I would describe your appetite as voracious. You are downright piggy at times and you’ve earned the nickname Porky Pig from me. I really can’t wait until you stop throwing food on the floor. Also, please stop shampooing your hair with condiments. Thanks. Despite your gigantic appetite, you are in the 25% percentile for weight and it’s mostly in your head. I sometimes call you Skinny Minnie as well.

You have always been, and continue to be, an excellent sleeper. Thank you. I think you expend so much energy during the day that you require a midday hibernation period. Your naps are epic. Keep up the good work!

Despite your nearly constant movement, you love to sit on my lap and snuggle with your blanky while sucking your thumb. Sometimes I get frustrated when I am trying to make dinner or rushing out the door and you demand to be picked up (you say “WANNA BE COVERED UP, MOOOOM!” but I know what you mean.) But then I remember that you won’t be my baby for much longer and soon enough you’ll have better things to do than cozy up with your mama.

You make our family complete. I could not imagine life without you. So just because you didn’t get the awesome Spider Man piñata doesn’t mean we love you any less. I’m sure you’ll demand one for next year. Dad will be ready.



  1. Oh. My. Gosh...this is so sweet! U inspire me & bring tears to my eyes! I want to grow up in ur house! Heck, i want my kids to grow up in ur house!! So much love. And creativity. And earth. I love it all. Keep up the good work, mama. Miss u.

  2. Cassadie, It is so nice that you have created this stellar picto-letter for Sawyer and other to enjoy! Keep up the good work...You go girl!!!

    Curt ;-)