Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Party for Jack

I should be sleeping.

My clothes are laid out, my water bottle is clean, the coffee maker is set to go. Oh, and I just set my alarm clock for the first time in months.

So in theory I suppose I am ready for tomorrow. But in reality I am still pretty much in denial about the whole thing. Can it really be the end of August already? I guess so. Sigh.

Anyways, my kids have pretty lame birthdays. February and March aren't exactly party months- especially if you live in a small house. After having attended several outdoor summer parties this season, Jack announced that he wanted to have his own little fiesta. He quickly schemed up his own party plans with balloons and cake and pinatas and s'mores and ALL OF HIS FRIENDS. Hmmm. Again, small house.

But we went for it, full steam ahead and I rallied up the troops, filled up the pool, scattered some toys around the yard and suddenly we had 14 kids and a big old bunch of parents and Jack's special request menu of potato salad and hotdogs and ice cream cones. I managed to talk Jack out of the pinata and the s'mores at least. And thank god I did not put any effort into the dessert menu because I would have been completely outdone by my friend Kristine's AMAZING chocolate cookies. (Kristine? Recipe, please?). As you probably already know I am a cookie aficionado and I don't go tossing around adjectives like AMAZING to describe any old cookie. They were melt in your mouth fudgy gooey chocolate chunky OH MY GOD type cookies. (Would it embarrass you if I called them orgasmic? I don't usually go tossing around that adjective either, but these cookies are a special case. Orgasmic I tell you!)

14 kids can produce an insane amount of energy. Wow. And especially the boy energy. Again, wow. It is a good thing we had plenty of those cookies to keep us grown ups going strong throughout the evening. And the keg of Ninkasi IPA was also helpful...

Um, where's my chocolate cookie?

Yep, that's it for pictures. Like I said, there was a lot of kid energy at this party. Not the best for taking in focus photos.

So I think we're good on kids' parties for awhile. Jack had a blast and our house did not get destroyed so I consider it a success. A loud success, but a success nonetheless. And we will just cross those February and March birthday bridges when they come.

For now I have bigger things to worry about. Like how the hell am I going to haul my weary carcass out of bed at 6:30 tomorrow morning? And how did it get to be the end of August already? And why is the summer so short?

And just how do I get ahold of some more of those chocolate cookies before tomorrow? They just might make the first day back at work a bit more palatable.

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  1. When you get that recipe, please post it here! Or share it on Facebook. My attention has been gotten by those adjectives! :) Good luck on your first day back at school. You can do iiiiit!