Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Final Days of Sun

First of all, that moment? The one I told you about last week? In case you wanted to share it too...

Moving on.

I took the camera out on that sunny Saturday because it suddenly occurred to me that this might be The Last Sunny Fall Saturday for awhile and I had better get cracking on our fall photo opportunities.

Also, Christmas is only, like, 5 weeks away now (who's counting?) and I need our annual Christmas Card Picture, because I plan to BOMBARD my friends and family with Christmas cards. Why the special interest in Christmas cards? To enrich the lives of others? To spread holiday cheer? Well yeah, that too, but mostly I am just hoping that you all will reciprocate and our mailbox will be teeming with Christmas greetings from far and wide and that my kids will rush outside each day to meet the mailman with that feeling of festive anticipation that I remember so well from my own childhood.

I think that this last year we got maybe 5 or 6 cards total, which led to a lackluster display on our mantle, which then served as a daily reminder that either our friends and family forgot to send us a card OR that maybe, just maybe, horrible thought that it is, perhaps Christmas cards have become passe?

(Gasp. I certainly hope not!)

And so, friends and family, mentally prepare yourselves for a season of Christmas card sending. Let's revive this tradition! Who's with me? Christmas Cards 2011!

If I already have your address, expect a card. If I don't have your address or you think I might not have your address (I am not the best at keeping track of these things, let's be honest here), email, Facebook, text, send an owl, or whatever it takes to get me your address because like I said, I plan to get this party started.

(Some of you are probably thinking this sounds vaguely familiar, as if once long ago I pledged something similar to this. Forget about the birthday cards already! It's Christmastime!)

My attempt at a fall themed photo shoot resulted mostly in grouchy and cold kids. We were also nearly killed by a passing bicyclist who was texting and listening to his iPod and somehow DID NOT SEE THE THREE OF US. Note my festively dressed children? I suppose they do sort of blend into the fall foliage. Still.

We gathered a big basket full of leaves because I had a crafty ulterior motive which I will share with you another time when I have more than 30 minutes on the computer. Brent and I share a laptop and let's just say it might be time for me to get my own. Santa?

Just when our toes had frozen and the memory card was just about maxed, we ran into my friend Amberlee and were treated to an impromptu tour of the UO Geophysics/Geology/Oh Hell I Don't Know They Had a Bunch of Rocks department.

They also had prism glasses. Sweet ass prism glasses, oh yes. Geology rocks. Or is it Geophysics that rocks?

And then there was Mount Pisgah's annual Play in the Rain Day. It was, of course, unseasonably sunny. Natch.

Moved by the spirit of Christmas, I have had visions of homemade advent calendars dancing in my head. We have a Playmobil advent calendar that contains millions of microscopic pieces that are eventually assembled into a wintery forest scene, but they come in these flimsy cardboard boxes that have not been able to withstand the excited hands of toddlers over the past few years. I think it's time for something new in the advent calendar department. I want to try this, but I don't know how I will ever cut the felt numbers out- they seem so small and my hands and scissors are often an awkward combination. Aunt Bobbi? Liz? Can I do this? Do I need a scalpel?

Okay, well, I have cards to make. Or addresses to search for. Or stamps to buy. Or something. Peace out.


  1. I have not sent Christmas cards for, hmmmm, maybe 15 years now. When my kids were younger and I was in over my head with full-time work, holiday band concerts, tree cutting and trimming, home-room mothering, baking, shopping, wrapping and whatever else it takes to create the picture perfect season, that was the one thing I let go of in an effort to retain some sanity. It did not produce the anticipated results of mental stability, let's just say, but it was one less thing. The old adage holds true that to have a friend, you must be one, and our mailbox stopped being so full of those nice cards as well.

    This year I am making an attempt to get back to the old-fashioned card ritual and have even already started to work on them. We'll see how it goes, as the demands of my job pull me completely out of life for the next 10 days or so and just as that is finishing up, about 20 people will be arriving for the holidays. But my intentions are clear that it will be a Christmas card holiday once again.

    Happy holidays, Cassadie!