Friday, June 1, 2012

On Kindergarten, the Coast, and Getting it Right the Third Time

I know it's weird and totally nerdy, but I've always secretly enjoyed filling out paperwork. Give me an extensive application, a thick survey, an invasive questionnaire- I love it all. I will happily fill in boxes and bubble in the bubbles and sign and date with a flourish of excitement.

That said, even I was feeling a big overwhelmed by Jack's kindergarten paperwork. (He will be going to French immersion school, which means we'll be spending his college fund on gas money to get him back and forth across town, but as they say, c'est la vie...) I spent a few hours putting his birthdate into boxes and determining that we do not qualify for free or reduced lunch (though we will once Felix arrives, which surprised me. I guess we are poor. Who knew?), providing our phone numbers and email addresses approximately FIVE THOUSAND times, and sifting though years of sloppily written vaccine history. And then we needed proof of his identity.

I enlisted Brent's help for this one. You see, Brent has this uncanny ability to always know where things are in the house. Coincidentally, I have an uncanny ability to leave things around the house and immediately forget where I have left them. We make a great team.

Brent rolled his eyes and headed to the closet. "I keep a file for each of the kids," he said condescendingly while retrieving a small file case that I bought years ago in one of my futile attempts at organizing my life. He pulled out a file and began to rifle through its contents. "All of their important paperwork, like birth certificates and stuff, is right here," he said proudly.

I waited.

"Ah, here it is!" he announced as he handed me that application that you fill out to order your kid's birth certificate. "Oh wait..."

No birth certificate for either kid. Oops. How did we drop the ball on this one? Yikes. Well, at least we'll have one more chance to get things right with number three.

In happier news, with the return of my appetite comes the return of recipe links. Have you tried avocado pesto before? Where has this recipe been all my life?

Also, a kid's birthday party at the vintage arcade? Brilliant. Turns out the kids are pinball wizards. It also turns out that $5 in quarters disappears very quickly when you hand it over to a three year old in an arcade.

On the way home from the arcade Sawyer tries unsuccessfully to gain admittance to the brewery. Twenty-one does seem so far away when you are only three.

And then we went to the beach because it was the holiday weekend and we needed something festive to do that involved getting out of the house. You know me, I love a good beach photo shoot. Sometimes I feel kind of guilty about the fact that we don't go to the coast as often as we could. But then we have a week of sand in the washing machine and I get over that one pretty quickly.

Despite our lack of appropriate identification, we got all registered and oriented for kindergarten. We even got to meet the teacher (we like her!) and sit through an hour long presentation in a crowded and very humid room on the importance of handwashing and the dangers of headlice. Welcome to elementary school! Jack was super bummed to hear that they don't give homework until February. What a nerd! (I was actually a bit disappointed by this as well, since you know how I feel about paperwork- I just can't wait to sign those reading logs!)

Baby Felix is a pretty big topic around here these days. Jack was not interested AT ALL when I was pregnant with Sawyer, but Sawyer has taken a real interest in this baby and loves to pat my stomach and talk to the baby bump and yell at me if he thinks I am hurting the baby, you know, by sitting up or scratching my itchy stretchy tummy or something. Jack is indifferent. I think he is still worried about his Legos.

One thing is for sure, I will be making damn sure to get this one a birth certificate right away. AND I will file it away in the folder. AND I will make sure that they write out the vaccine information legibly. AND by the time this one gets to kindergarten, I will be skipping the handwashing/headlice seminar. Like I said, this is our last chance to get it right. Wish me luck.

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