Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Etc.

With the acknowledgement that Easter photos are so incredibly last week, I present you with this series of sunlit scenes instead of exhausting myself by trying to find something photogenic in the downpour that's been this weekend.

(That was an awkwardly constructed opening sentence. Maybe it's a good thing I'm being demoted to sixth grade next year. Anyway, photos!)

(Jack is making his mad face because we had just told him for the hundredth time that NO we would not be getting a bunny for Easter. Are you kidding me?)

I did not make organic homemade egg dye. Instead I used my 40% off coupon and my teacher's discount at (fucking) Joann's and paid 70 cents for the cliche Paas egg dying kit, which as it turns out, was money well spent. The kids were all about the little copper egg dipper, the cardboard egg holder, and the bazillions of mini stickers. But I did throw away those stupid shrink wrap egg covers, because those always feel like cheating to me.

I didn't even have time for actual Easter baskets this year. There's been a lot of internet chatter lately about Pinterest fueled overachieving crafty moms making the rest of us look bad. I say let them have their Saint Patrick's Day golden coin hunts or gift leaving leprechauns, or whatever. I'm just happy that I remembered to tell my kids to wear green.

We try to keep things pretty simple for Easter. I hide some candy around the house, the kids get a new pair of pajamas, and that's about it. This year I got too lazy to make the pajamas and so they came from Costco (more on this later) and I stitched up two quick pairs of Star Wars shorts (which were a huge hit), threw in a chocolate bunny, and we called it good.

(Except that it wasn't good. Jack was up at 5, loudly scavenging for Easter eggs. When Brent intercepted this there was a major meltdown about waiting for everyone to get up. I am seriously ready to consider boycotting any holiday that involves a mythical creature coming in the night to deliver shit to my kids.)

Some of you might know that I have this weird phobia about Costco. I find the entire concept of the store to be overwhelming and while buying in bulk might ultimately save me some money, I have a total fear of commitment when it comes to gigantic boxes of granola bars, for example.

But these kids eat. And eat. And then they eat some more. So I decided to face my fears head on and make the trek. Thankfully my mother-in-law and her Costco card were up for the adventure.

Things I liked about Costco:
  • Bag of perfectly ripened avocados for $5- that is a deal!
  • Easter jammies!
  • Maple syrup jug. Big old bottle of vanilla. Salmon burgers. Butter lettuce.
  • 10 pounds of oatmeal. 10 pounds!
  • Coffee. Yes, I know, fair trade and all that. But sometimes I just want a really big bag of coffee around so we won't run out.
Things I am not yet sold on about Costco:
  • I spent $270 in one hour. Ouch.
  • My family can, apparently, eat 4 pounds of trail mix in one week. That's 4 pounds more than we usually eat. Ahem.
  • 48 fruit leathers. Good god. Who needs that many fruit leathers? 
  •  The milk jugs. You need some superior dexterity to pour that milk without spilling it. It's a learning curve, all right.
 So I guess I am still on the fence about Costco and whether or not you actually save money by shopping there. What do you think? Do you shop at Costco? What do you buy? Any advice for the Costco newbie?

(Oh, and yes I already know that I should be shopping local and not giving my money to major corporations and such. But I also probably shouldn't drive an SUV or throw away the occasional forgotten Tupperware from the back of the fridge. I should probably make my own organic Easter egg dye, too...)


  1. Oh, do I know how to spend money at Costco! Let me count the ways... I limit myself to one trip every 2-3 months. I spend more money, but I'm not tempted to buy things I don't need. I make my list and try super hard to stick to it,unless they have something new that I really do need. (Last week they had like 10 gallon tubs of coconut oil for $10. I couldn't say no.) But we usually get the basics: toilet paper, paper towels, organic chicken breasts and thighs (throw 'em in the freezer), turkey burgers, salmon burgers, shrimp, almond butter,spinach, and a few other things. It does save money in the long run, but it's hard to swallow that $300 total!

  2. first time to your blog and love it. this post made me laugh and splutter the tea i am drinking.

    {i too throw out the occasional tupperware from the back of the fridge, but shhh don't tell...}

  3. Too funny. Don't feel bad - we completely ignored easter b/c we are not religious but also b/c I was working that weekend and who the hell has the time?! Everyone who I told that to at work was horrified and I think pitied my child. Whatevs. Completely agree those egg shrink wraps are for cheaters. And lastly - I too have a subscription waiting to be picked up at Sam's Club but just haven't been able to venture there yet. I know I'm going to lose all self control and come home with like 760 diapers or something. I feel you!