Monday, November 22, 2010

Waiting for Snow

It needs to snow tonight. I really want a day off tomorrow.

I want a day off tomorrow because I am tired. I am tired because I RAN THIRTEEN-POINT-ONE FREAKING MILES ON SATURDAY! And also because my kids are totally taking years off my life by slowly driving me crazy. Plus I'd like another beer (I limit myself to one on school nights- if the white stuff starts coming down I'll be pouring another).

So hurry up with this promised snowstorm already.

Nobody wants to see pictures of little old me running the race (I mean really, there are few things in life less flattering than pictures of me running), so here a few shots of Jack in his moments of glory. I am happy to report that he did not finish in last place this time. Atta boy!

Winner. Indeed.

This is boring. Let's get a donut already.

Alright, alright, here you go. A picture of the old man and me crossing the finish. My goal was to run the entire way and finish without looking like I was about to collapse- I think I succeeded, don't you? I wanted to run the race in under 2:12, my previous time from the half marathon I ran in Nice, France in 2003. That race was memorable because there were no bathroom stations along the way, they ran out of water, and runners were handed squares of dark chocolate somewhere around mile 10. Vive la France! Allez les filles!

Okay, so yes, back to the idea of not looking like I am dying. Mission accomplished. Finish time: 2:05!

My legs are sore (my knee is fine?!) and I'm generally fatigued. So that's why I'm really hoping for this day off. (Just checked- still rain.)

I'd also like some recuperation time from the horrid realization this weekend that Jack has gone from a three-year-old to a teenager overnight. I present you with the evidence:

Gah! MY BAYYYBEE! How did this happen? (I need another beer tonight for sure.)

A bona-fide teenager, complete with mood swings and angst. (Maybe two?)

Sawyer is still my little buddy, for now.

We made applesauce this weekend and I did some more binge sewing. I've really been cranking things out lately because we are hoping to do homemade gifts for everybody this year (Family spoiler alert! You've been warned. Try not to look too disappointed when you unwrap that crocheted toaster cozy! Just kidding, I don't know how to crochet. Yet...). I somehow have become one of those people who gets really excited about Christmas and starts squirreling little gifts away in my closet starting in June... usually I forget about all of my preplanning until I clean out my closet in March and wonder what that slinky is doing in with my scarves.

But this year I am planning ahead for a different reason: San Francisco! Yes, that's right- Mama's going on a vacation! Me! A trip! With friends who are adults and can take care of themselves. And more importantly, without the little people who are staying home with Dad. I'm going to Alcatraz! I'll shop! I'll eat in a restaurant without booster seats or crayons or bibs or saltine crackers! I'll have wine with dinner. Or maybe even with lunch! I'll sleep in! Oh yes, lap of luxury here I come!

The trip is set for the weekend before Christmas, which means that I'll be busting my butt from now until then to get everything ready for The Big Day. Because it is a big day.

It hasn't always been. I hated Christmas for years.

Whenever somebody dies, you especially miss them during the holidays. Christmas was my mom's big day and without her around, it felt really empty for a long time. I still don't always deal with the holidays well, at some point I'll be nursing a glass of Chardonnay in a bathroom while choking back a sob and cursing myself for wearing eye makeup, but for the most part, I now enjoy the season. It's the kids. They might be driving me crazy with their antics, but at least now I can get excited for Christmas.

And I'll really get excited about a stack of pajamas for Christmas Eve and a train hat!

If this snow would ever start, I'd get pretty freaking excited about that, too.

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