Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two of a Kind

Just look at these two- sheesh. Just when I think my head will explode from the squealing and the tantrums and the refusing to share they go and do something ridiculously cute. Brothers.

Jack has evidently shared his love for working in the yard with Sawyer. They fill endless buckets with dirt and explore around the yard together. This is one of the few activities they can do together without squabbling.

My friend Doris had the brilliant idea to give the boys their own buckets and shovels with their names on them. One less (fewer) thing to bicker about.

Big plans for the yard this year include at least two more raised beds, a hops pole, and raspberries. Bring on the summer.

This shot was taken on Sawyer's actual birthday, March 8th. As we basked in the warm sunshine and played in the backyard I was thinking about what he and I were doing exactly a year ago when I pushed his little body into the world. (Basking in the sun is way more fun!)

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