Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We Win, We Lose

I think we can sum up the past week in a series of photos that capture the ups and downs of our daily lives.

First up: FAILURE!

I attempted to make a loaf of bread and ended up with a bowl full of doughy crumbles. I think I added too much flour. It's hard to do mental math when the kids are making a bunch of mind numbing racket in the background.

But then, SUCCESS! I tried again and voila! A perfect loaf and we've been enjoying it all week long. I need to make bread more often.

But there was another FAILURE! I turned my back on Sawyer for one minute at the park and turned around to find him eating a fistful of sand. (Did I stop him? No! I grabbed the camera- double failure!)

Meanwhile at the park, Jack was enjoying some SUCCESS in the friend-making department. He was lurking around the sandbox, wistfully eyeing a group of kids who were playing together. Finally he mustered up the courage to go and stand near them. At some point he penetrated the inner circle and they even gave him a bucket to use.

But being three is so difficult, so at one point this week we had FAILURE in the form of an epic meltdown that involved climbing onto the table and collapsing.

SUCCESS! I fixed Sawyer's haircut. Kind of. Trust me, he looks better.

SUCCESS! The Ninkasi IPA clone is as beautiful as it is delicious. Yes! Double success!

So here's to next week, which will hopefully contain more ups than downs, too.

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