Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break- Part 1

We took a mini vacation to the beach for spring break and made a pit stop along the way in Portland to see Nick and Mishaun. We stayed a night in their super cute, very 1940s SE Portland house. They live in a great area and we took a walk to enjoy the brilliant weather (was it really 70 degrees? I think it was) and to get Brent his Stumptown coffee fix.

Along the way Jack stopped to pose for a quick photo. Not sure where he learned this particular stance, but it's sure fitting.

Portland is such a beautiful city and Nick and Mishaun live in the best part, in my opinion. Our walk took us through some amazing neighborhoods. It was such a gorgeous day. We miss having Nick and Mishaun living right down the street from us, but it sure is fun to come and visit them in their new element. Portland is such a young person's city- there's just so much to see and do, tasty places to eat and drink, and exciting things are happening all the time. I spent five years living there myself, and I do really miss it at times. But Eugene is a great place to raise kids, is affordable, and we are surrounded by friends and family, so we won't be moving anytime soon.

Ah, Stumptown. How do you make those delicious soy lattes so very delicious? There must be a secret ingredient. (Could it be buttermilk??)

Jack got an oatmeal raisin bar as a treat for walking the entire way. It's easy to forget that a short walk for us is a long walk for Jack. He persevered.

I don't know what it is about this photo that speaks to me. Is it the light? Is it the juxtaposition of Nick's and Sawyer's sizes? Does Nick look as if he is waiting on Sawyer? Is it the fact that they have no kitchen table? Who knows, but I do love it.

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