Thursday, June 17, 2010

No Photos, But...

Several astute readers among you recognized my recent letter to the editor (Register Guard 6/15) regarding the issue of safety on the bike path near our house. Naturally you will recall my recent episode of misfortune on the path, so clearly I have a lot to say on this particular topic. If you are out of the RG loop, here's a quick refresher: the paper reported that a bicyclist was attacked by a pedestrian who jumped out at him and caused him to crash his bike (at least we know it wasn't my buddy Lance 'cause no one got shot!). Two other bicyclists reported similar encounters with a pedestrian that morning. The city's solution was to trim the grasses along the path for "greater visibility for both bicyclists and pedestrians". Huh?

So the day that my letter questioning this proposed "solution" was printed I received a phone call from one of the RG's reporters, who was apparently doing a story on bike path safety. He was taking his crew down to check out the scene of the alleged crime that afternoon and wanted to interview little old me(!!) about my own experiences on the path. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! The press! My story of Lance Armstrong and Bloody Drunk Guy could reach the masses! My voice could be heard!

But Tuesday evening was 8th Grade Promotion and unlike my own middle school who gave us a generic certificate during an in school ceremony and let the door hit us on the way out, my school makes A VERY BIG DEAL about this milestone. So I had clothes to iron and awards to present and no time at all for an interview with a reporter. He said he'd call me the next day, but he never did.

I think we have several possible explanations here:

Option 1.) The crew arrived at the bike path and saw nothing but happy bicyclists and pedestrians peacefully coexisting. The story was DOA.

Option 2.) The crew arrived and saw so much drunken debauchery and illegal shenanigans that they had more than enough content for their story and decided they did not need my interview.

Option 3.) Bloody Drunk Guy got them.

I'll keep you posted.

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