Monday, June 14, 2010

School's Out for Summer!

Well, it is for Jack, not me. One more week to go. Whew.

Jack was sad about his last day of school. He loves his teachers and his school bff, Quentin. I keep trying to tell him how great summer is and how we all deserve a break from school and how much fun it will all be, but he's not buying it. Tonight he asked how many days were left until he goes back to school in the fall...

Here's the infamous Quentin- also known as Jack's doppelganger. Jack LOVES LOVES LOVES Quentin and talks about him non-stop. We have learned to use this to our advantage with phrases like "It's Quentin's bedtime right now, too" and "Quentin told me that he always eats his broccoli at dinnertime." Sucker.

With Jack at preschool and mom home for the day from work, Sawyer got to be the only kid when we went for coffee. Heck, only having one kid at coffee is almost like not having any kids at coffee. It was almost relaxing. Almost.

Jack and I took some goofy self portraits in the backyard. Since I'm the one with the camera permanently glued to my face, I rarely end up in the pictures. But these ones are pretty funny.

This year I am determined not to let any of our garden harvest go to waste. We are always so ambitious with our planting and then once things start exploding we struggle to get through the mounds of veggies. Last summer we bought a freezer for the garage with the idea that we would freeze blueberries for year round eating. We picked and froze over 40 pounds and they were all gone by Christmas. This year we will pick double that and still have room for lots of other summer veggies. You already know my thoughts on freezer corn... Anyway, I started already this year with spinach and broccoli. The broccoli is easy and I know we'll eat that right up. But the spinach? I'm not sure I'll do that again. You start with bowls full of the stuff and by the time you're done you have a few handful size lumps for the freezer.

Jack does love to go out and pick spinach for us. An appropriate shirt for the occasion, no?

Four more days till school's really out for summer for me. I can do this.

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