Monday, June 7, 2010


Just another beautiful summer day in Oregon. After being cooped up inside for the better half of last Sunday we braved the torrential downpour and even packed a picnic lunch. Because clearly we are insane. Soggy, that's how we Oregonians roll.

But it takes crazy to know crazy and we even recruited some friends to join the madness. And what's really weird is that we weren't the only picnicking group at Pisgah that afternoon.

Mount Pisgah is where all the magic started- Brent and I were married there five years ago this summer. That was a long time ago; before a mortgage, a graduate degree, and two kids came along. Heck, that was way back when a rainy Sunday afternoon meant cracking open a few cold ones and watching some movies that you rented from Blockbuster (pre Netflix!). Ah, the times do change.

But the funny thing is that our rain soaked picnic at Mount Pisgah was actually really fun. Nobody cried, no temper tantrums were thrown, and nobody vomited so I would venture so far as to say it was a success. The thing about having stir crazy kids is that they really force you to get off your butt and get creative in finding something to do. I think that's a good thing.

I guess we'll drink beer and watch movies on the couch when we are old. These are the days.


  1. I'm really starting to enjoy your postings on your blog. Really good!

  2. Love the pictures! I hadn't thought about how successful it was in those terms - no one running away or being too sassy. It was a great, rainy, day! Can't wait to go back on a sunny day! :)