Friday, July 30, 2010

Is This Normal?

As a parent, I often find that I ask myself that question with regard to my kids. Truly I often find myself wondering if what I am doing or what the kids are doing falls within the realm of normal. I sometimes ask myself Am I doing the right thing? What would a sane and rational person do in this situation? Sometimes that helps. Sometimes we just poop on the side of the road and move on.

Jack has been a bit of a turkey (read: little shit) lately. He has become aggressive toward Sawyer and he's even swatted at me a few times (I know! The nerve!). He's particularly bratty when we have people over, which is pretty much all the time these days and it's driving me crazy. Yes, he's three. Yes, he's going to act like a three-year-old. I do know this. But sometimes he seems abnormally bratty. Like maybe he's gifted in the art of brattiness. My TAG brat.

But then, just in the nick of time, some other three-year-olds that we know come along and act aggressively toward their siblings or sass their mamas or refuse their dinners and suddenly Jack doesn't seem so far from the norm after all.

I'm not naming any names here. The three-year-olds in question know who they are. Hey look, it's Jack and Lily at Touch a Truck!

I guess the real question is: is it normal to repeatedly wait in line for fifteen plus minute intervals with cranky three-year-olds and a crazy one-year-old so that the kids can sit in the truck of their choice for thirty seconds before they get hustled on by an angry mob of parents who are waiting in line with their cranky three-year-olds?

I had another moment this last week where I questioned my motivations- to buy the boys matching clothes or not to buy the boys matching clothes. That was the big philosophical dilemma of the week.

I JUST COULDN'T HELP MYSELF! SO STINKIN' CUTE! Will they hate me for this when they are teenagers? Probably. (But I guess it is normal for teenagers to hate their parents for something...)

And finally the fascinating topic of blueberry consumption. Is it normal to hoard blueberries in your freezer? And just how many blueberries is the average American family eating these days? At last count we had nine gallons of blueberries squirrelled away in the deep freeze. We've already been picking twice- would it be weird to go again?

Clearly Sawyer's blueberry eating method would not be classified as normal. No question there.

But just look at those beautiful berries! A person would have to be crazy not to want to eat those blueberries! And see all those green ones? That means there are still plenty of picking days left in the season. I'll even tell you where to go: The Blueberry Patch Farm. But save some for us, okay? Just in case...


  1. You did a great job on the matching outfits! They are adorable and trust me, I have seen much worse when it comes to matching outfits. Have you ever seen a Hanna Anderson clothing catalog? They always seem to have a picture of a whole family in matching pajamas (especially near the holidays) and it always gives me the creeps!
    And, right now we have Quinn's placenta in our freezer. I am pretty sure that is not normal! (We are going to eventually plant it...somewhere.) But, still, opening the freezer and seeing a biohazard container is kind of...not normal. HAHA!
    Hope we get to see you for a bit in a few weeks! ~Erin

  2. Oh, and their shoes are totally awesome!

  3. Those shirts are AWESOME! We have the same blueberry stash/desires. And two placentas in the deep freeze... So maybe we are the new "normal"! :)