Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Snow Day That Wasn't

Around this time every year I start itching for a good old fashioned snow day to stave off those January blahs. There's just something about a day of freedom and the promise of sledding and snowmen and hot chocolate, and the tranquility and purity that a blanket of fresh white snow bestows upon us all.

We got our snow day, except that it was a holiday and so we all had the day off already, thus making it only slightly less thrilling. But our excitement waned by 10:30 when it all began to melt and my poor, snow deprived children had to tromp unceremoniously back into the house to shed their muddy layers. And then they demanded the hot chocolate. (That wasn't enough for my sweet tooth so we also made some epic hazelnut brownies.)

One of the nicer things about working in a rural district is that I'm not constantly running into students and parents. I always hate it when I make a tousle-haired beer run to Freddy's in my sweats and run into kids I know from school. Thankfully that doesn't happen often, because I live far enough away from their epicenter, and I'm not going to lie: I do make those runs to Freddy's on a regular basis.

But the best part about working out in the sticks is that sometimes I get a snow day when there's no snow at my house, which is exactly what happened on Tuesday. We slept in and ate pumpkin pancakes and I had an extra cup of coffee. I indulged Jack in his latest obsession: the Little House on the Prairie books. (Yes, I am WELL AWARE of the fact that I need a daughter- but the Little House books do kind of have a universal appeal, especially when Pa cleans his gun and skins deer and such.) I am telling you- this kid is a chapter book addict. We flew through the 2nd Harry Potter book and I'm stalling on #3 because it all gets so dark and sinister and I don't want to traumatize the little lad. Besides, those books will still be waiting for us when we finish the Little House series and maybe when he's five he'll be ready to read about Death Eaters. Or not. He's relentlessly badgered Brent into reading the Henry Huggins books and so now he's got each of us on a chapter book and so there is always someone to whine to about reading. PLEASE! JUST ONE CHAPTER, PLEASE! Yup, an addict I tell you.

Sawyer, on the other hand, detests the chapter books and demonstrates this by snatching them from my hands and throwing them across the room and/or turning off the lights while we are trying to read. Sigh.

We spent part of the morning at the open gym where I mingled with the stay at home mom crowd and watched my kids trampoline their little hearts out and then we came home to make chocolate chip M&M cookies. Why M&Ms? Because certain somebodies like to nibble on my baking supplies during the week and when you run short on chocolate chips, M&Ms will come through in a pinch.

So basically we did a whole lot of relaxing and nothing too noteworthy happened and I kind of wonder what the point is in sharing this drivel, but then again, a snow day is a snow day, even if there is no snow at all.

AND THEN! Then the sky opened up and let loose a deluge and the rivers swelled and the roads flooded over and ONCE MORE it pays to work out in the sticks because we got TWO MORE days off. Which was, of course, not cool at all when you watch the news and see people being evacuated from their homes. The people with livestock? Oh man.

And do I have anything blog worthy to report from those two days? Nope. But I will tell you that there was lots of reading by the fire and many cookies were eaten and we are all well-fed and rested. I probably have forgotten how to teach by now and next week is going to be a bitch, but right now the flood waters are receding and Brent and Jack are snuggled up on the couch with Henry and Ribsy. And Sawyer, our cowboy superhero, is sound asleep in his bed.

I think I'll go eat some more cookies. Or take a nap. Or both. Happy weekend!

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