Monday, January 2, 2012

Twenty Twelve

Before we talk about New Years and our rockin' good time out and about with NO CHILDREN and the subsequent waking up to a silent house with, again, NO CHILDREN to have a peaceful breakfast without interruptions like demands for orange juice and fights over the VERY SPECIAL ORANGE PLATE (a plate whose specialness must be in the eyes of the beholder because it appears to be a plain, ordinary fu*cking plate, but what the hell do I know?), let's talk about iPhones for a minute.

I think I want one.

And you want me to have one, too, because if I did have one, you'd be watching a video of a real live Cabbage Patch doll dressed from head to toe in purple and playing the jazz harp. THE JAZZ HARP! How many times have you seen a person play the jazz harp? Yep, that's what I thought. Clearly I need an iPhone.

Also, I'd have more New Years pictures than this one:

(I did briefly commandeer Brent's iPhone for part of the evening and got a few shots of the festivities while sending some snarky texts on his oblivious behalf, but hell if I know how to get them uploaded and I am pretty sure Brent is not going to help me do this because it's THE ROSE BOWL and OMG! STOP THE WORLD! GO DUCKSSSSSSSS! KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY IPHONE AND LET ME YELL AT THE TV IN PEACE!)

Thus, I believe an iPhone might be coming my way. For the sake of my marriage AND for the jazz harp.

Here's my latest knitting project:

This hat it for Sawyer since he is the second boy and never ever gets anything new. So here, kid! So what if your brother has the most expensive Legos money can buy! A homemade hat! You'll be the envy of all your preschool peers!

And no, we won't be seeing a picture of the first hat because it is so pathetic that I have to ask one of my friends if it's too ugly to give to our neighbor as a baby gift. I think it might be, but I need a second opinion. Maybe it's not so ugly? Maybe the neighbor has bad taste and will think it is cute? You never know.

I love this self striping yarn and can't wait to see this on Sawyer, but I am somewhat terrified to switch to the double pointed knitting needles, so wish me luck with that. Perhaps I need some liquid courage? Irish coffees, anyone?

And because today is the last day of my winter break (wah!) we decided to cram in one last dog walking hurrah and catch the morning sun before the clouds took over. As we stuffed the kids into the car Sawyer protested, "But Mom! I don't want to get any fresh air!"

Once we unloaded they all frolicked and giggled and threw rocks and found treasures and scared away the birds by splashing in the icy water.

And I breathed in the fresh air and watched as the sky opened up to blue and closed to grey again and saw everyone exploring off in different directions and thought about January and the fresh start that each new year affords us and felt happy, grateful, and optimistic.

Because it does seem to be off to a good start, doesn't it? And twenty twelve just sounds nice to me. So here's to a happy happy new year and lots of knitted hats and walks with dogs and evenings out with friends. (And maybe, just maybe, some jazz harp. You never know!)


  1. The running picture of your dog is awesome/hilarious! Happy New Year to all of you! ~Erin

  2. Nice Post. Photo #4 is a gem. Happy New Year to you all.
    Love, your Dad