Sunday, February 28, 2010

An Early Spring

This willow tree outside Jack's bedroom window is my gauge for spring.

I remember last year after Sawyer was born and I wanted to see the sun so badly. Those first few weeks were rough on all of us and I waited anxiously for the first sign of spring on this tree. It took forever.

Not this year, though. The willow has looked like this for the past few weeks. Spring, here we come!

Last shots before the haircut. I do miss that ear curl, but at least now he can see.

The big project around here last year was the front fence. Brent designed and built it himself and people are always asking about it and complimenting him on the design- the mailman asked if he was a professional fence builder (!). I love that it has turned our front yard into an outdoor play area. I predict that this summer it will be our second living room.

These two can spend hours digging, building, mowing, and exploring the yard. I pulled up a chair and read a book in the sun while Jack excavated part of the yard and Sawyer pushed the bubble mower. Did you hear that? I READ A BOOK WHILE THE KIDS PLAYED! What an amazing concept. It's going to be a whole new experience this summer.

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