Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Part 1

First of all I am sorry to report that Jack's tricycle has suffered a slow and painful death by being crushed repeatedly in the garage door by yours truly. Oops. At least no one was riding it at the time...

So it's been time to upgrade to the big boy bike and Brent and I decided, like fools, to take Jack on a bike shopping expedition. Idiots! Anyway, first stop: Paul's Bicycle Way of Life where Jack fell IN LOVE with a $160(!) neon pink bike with a unicorn backpack on the handlebars and glittery purple streamers. I would like to tell you that we are such cool parents who are totally secure with the masculinity of our boys and that we bought the bike of Jack's dreams with complete disregard for our society's gender stereotypes. But the reality is that we walked out of the store empty handed because for $160 we want something a little more impressive than 12 inch tires. Like a motor or something.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Jack was completely DEVASTATED by our decision not to purchase The Pink Bike. Apparently when you are three and your parents tell you that you are getting a new bike, walking out of the store without one is seriously like the end of the world!

I would also like to tell you that Brent and I realized that this shopping trip was doomed and that we then went home and shopped online, like any sensible parent would. But no! Next stop REI. Wow, those kids bikes are spendy. Again Jack was drawn to the "girl" bike and again we had to break his poor little heart because we're just not willing to take out a second mortgage to finance a kids bike.

We were finally getting a little bit smarter at this point and decided to peek in the windows of the other local bike shops before unloading the crew. No dice. These bikes are way overpriced. So we had to go home sans new bike and listen to Jack repeat his love and adoration for that beautiful Pink Bike at Paul's.

Ah the difference a day makes. Next day Brent took Jack to Toys R Us and found this very reasonably priced little number in a lovely shade of blue. A three-year-old's love for a bike is a fickle thing- there has been no mention of The Pink Bike since.

Oh, and Easter! We colored eggs and instead of running out to the store when I realized I had failed to buy the egg coloring kit, we used vinegar and food coloring. The eggs turned out great! I love the more natural look that the food coloring produced. I think this was partly because we used our black chicken Ruby's eggs, which are a light grey color.

Will I ever get enough pictures of my sweet boy helping in the kitchen? I guess not. Jack and I made Whole Wheat Apricot Scones. They were beautiful to look at and fun to make, but meh in taste.

Aren't they pretty? I wanted to love them because there's something very quaint about serving scones and I had visions of having friends come for tea and scones and wouldn't that just be so fun? But no, these scones will not be made again. But for every dud recipe there is a gem and I found this recipe for peanut butter oatmeal cookies yesterday when I was looking for a new cookie to try. OH MY. There are no pictures of these because we were too busy scarfing them down to reach for the camera. Try them. You won't be disappointed.

The state of the economy has taken its toll on the Easter Bunny, all he brought this year was peanut M&Ms which he hid all around the house for Jack to find. Good thing Jack doesn't know what an Easter basket is yet. Next year that bunny is going to have to get his act together.

Geez, I just read through this post and there is no mention of Sawyer. Second child syndrome, poor thing. I'll post extra pictures of him next time!

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