Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rainy Days

When you live in Oregon, you just can't let a little rain get you down. Most Oregonians I know don't even own an umbrella. We don't fight the rain, we just deal with it.

Those rainy days can still be fun. A playdate can still happen if everyone is willing to get a bit soggy.

What is it about jumping into a giant mud puddle? Why is it so very enticing? I wish I could remember.

Puddle jumping makes for some seriously chilled hands and feet. What better way to warm up than a cup of hot chocolate served in espresso cups? Brent and I bought these cups and saucers in Paris and I suppose we were thinking that we would someday own an espresso machine. Nope. Instead these little cups are the go to favorite for mini hot chocolates around here.

Jack's pal William taught him a Bingo game and he has become quite the little card shark, begging and pleading for "one more round" after we've played for hours on end. But cards are a refreshing rainy day activity and who knows? Maybe Jack can learn to play our favorite card game, Phase 10, one of these days.

Bingo for Preschoolers: Here you go! You will need a deck of cards with numbers and a cup of coins and some eager three-year-olds.

Each player is dealt 5 cards. The dealer draws cards from the rest of the deck and players who have that number card place a coin on top of their card. The first player to cover all of his or her cards with a coin calls out "Bingo!" and is the winner.

One warning, though. This game is like video poker for preschoolers. Jack gets a little cracked out playing this game and starts acting like a compulsive gambler after a few rounds. Play in moderation.

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