Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mom's Day

It wouldn't be Mother's Day without flowers. This lovely basket went to Brent's mom, who deserves mad props for raising a boy who cleans up after himself and never leaves the toilet seat up.

All I wanted for my special day was a little walk down memory lane to our favorite coffee shop (where Brent and I met, actually) for a latte and a fruit danish. We used to be Sunday morning regulars at Midtown but it has become trickier to get two little people dressed and out the door when Mom and Dad haven't had any coffee yet, so we hadn't been for a few months. Jack got spoiled with a hot chocolate which bought us enough time to sip our coffee and nibble some pastries. Sawyer sat on my lap and ate raisins. They were perfect little gentlemen.

In the afternoon we went to Brent's mom's house for a family barbeque and the boys got to play with their cousin Xavier, who is most definitely the most serious lawn mower I have ever seen.

Jack suckered his Uncle Frank into playing a game of baseball. Jack's swing has about a five second delay so it's pretty rare for him to get a hit. Nevertheless, he will ask you to pitch to him for hours on end and Frank was game. Jack's and Frank's enthusiasm was contagious and soon Frank's nieces joined the game. Finally he got a hit!

Sawyer and Xavier palled (sp?) around for awhile and contemplated eating some rocks. Luckily Xavier's tastes seem to be more discriminating than Sawyer's.

Ever since Sawyer and I got matching haircuts (not intentionally!!), people have been commenting on our resemblance. I really see it in this picture. It's kind of too bad, though, because we really thought he would look more like Brent... Those Mitchell genes are sneaky- that kid was born with BLACK hair, I tell you. Oh well. Maybe my boys will inherit other things from their dad like being tidy and always putting the toilet seat down. My fingers are crossed.

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