Friday, May 7, 2010


New things in our backyard include a pole for the hops to climb and eventually it will reach across the yard and to the roof. Someday this hops will be used for home brew purposes, but for now it just looks cool.

Jack and Brent made a bird house to attract the swallows and Jack has been having a great time yelling at the non-swallow birds who get a little too close. Sawyer gets really excited about birds. He really doesn't talk much yet, but he does point and grunt and he does this with intensity when a bird is in sight.

Oh, I do love the sandbox!

I caved and made the boys their first matching clothes: train shorts. I just can't get enough of the boys in homemade pants and I follow the simplest method around. Just trace a pattern onto a paper bag based on an existing pair of pants that fit well and presto! Sewing projects that can be finished within one nap cycle are so very satisfying.

We live on a street with a ton of young families so a neighborhood get together usually yields a pack of small children. Such was the case last weekend at Noah's birthday party. The little kids played well together in the ice chips that were used to chill the beer. Our neighborhood knows how to throw a birthday party.

Oh boy do I ever wish I could have talked Jack into the plain, blue, benign sunglasses on the rack. But no. He had to have the race car glasses. I pick my battles.

The beds are raised and the seeds are planted. If all goes according to plan, we will have peas a plenty this year, which is good because these boys do love their peas.

Poor Sawyer. He is willing to be led around the backyard on a leash if it means Jack will play with him.

Last summer we were all about going to the park to play. This year Jack is really into the backyard, which is quite convenient. When the sun shines these two just want to be outside all day and it's a struggle to get them to come inside for dinner. The bathwater is dirty and they crash into their beds after a book or two. Then Brent and I get a few minutes to sit on the deck and sip a beer as the sun goes down and talk about how much fun we'll have this summer.

So c'mon sunny weather, we are ready for you to stay!

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