Thursday, May 27, 2010

On the Run

It appears as though I have started running again.

I so hesitate to put this into writing because as soon as I do I will inevitably return to my slovenly couch potato ways, leaving you all to ask me how that running is coming along and me having to confess that it was just a passing trend.

But maybe not. I've been going strong for over two months now and am feeling pretty good on my feet these days. The boys are troopers about being strapped into that jogging stroller just as long and I remember to pack along some snacks. Jack shouts out words of encouragement, which could sometimes also be interpreted as words of harassment when he feels that I am not running fast enough...

People always want to know how far you run. My runs back in the day were of the five mile variety but who has time for that?? These days I just go for half an hour or so and call it good, since pushing two kids in a stroller definitely slows your pace and I think it would be quite disheartening for me to calculate mileage and know how slowly I really am running.

It feels so good to get out there and pound the pavement. My food tastes better, I sleep better, my clothes fit just right and damn I know I look cool pushing two kids while I run. Just kidding (kind of).

So here is the pit crew, gearing up for a run by the river (while Brent goes fishing).

Jack likes to run, too!

Warm weather often means a picnic dinner at the park. That seems to be our family's version of going "out" to eat.

Love love love my big boy's feet in flip flops! Sawyer screams when we put his on him....

Who planted those squishy buns??

I am still totally in love with Brent's new job and the free vegetables that he brings home. I wait with excitement every Saturday afternoon to find out what freebies he has scored for the week. You should have seen how excited I was about the season's first cucumber. Is is normal to be so enthusiastic about vegetables? I guess if loving free cucumbers is wrong, I just don't wanna be right.

(My laptop has been decontaminated, in case you were wondering. Turns out it just had a mild virus, bit of a cough really. Whew. The thing is like a member of the family.)

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