Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Donuts. Again. Really.

Another post about donuts? Yes, I am obsessed. But it's donuts- things could be a lot worse. I have a terrible sweet tooth- terrible I tell you. I mean I can really pig out when it comes to the sweet stuff and donuts are no exception.

Naturally, I blame my parents. They denied me candy and junk food when I was a kid and now I am making up for lost time. Except that I really don't like junk food so much, so it's really just a big long candy/desert binge. Chocolate mostly. I might have a problem.

(This was the first photo. I moved the prominent wine bottle out of the background for the next shot, but it just wasn't as good. So I guess the secret is out- Mary Anne and I like to drink gigantic bottles of wine while we make our donuts. Who knew?)

Turns out the secret to homemade donuts is the deep fryer. Those baked donuts don't hold a candle to...

Ahhh. Chocolaty fried dough ecstasy!

Jack ate four (they were small!) and Brent scolded me for letting him pig out like that. But I insisted that I am doing him a favor- Jack can overindulge now and when he's an adult he will be able to say when. Unlike his mother. Who ate more than four. A lot more. Let's just leave it at that.

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