Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good Day Sunshine

This dashing young gentleman is our neighbor, Noah. He is Sawyer's future BFF. I love his thoughtful expression. This is pretty much what he always looks like- calm, poised, philosophical. He is the anti-Sawyer.

Jack is pretty much afraid of most dogs, but he really loves Noah's dog, Nika. I think he thinks of her as a person rather than a dog. She seems to like that, too.

We've had a taste of spring around here already. I'm thinking it's probably just a tease, but it has sure been nice. I'm still struggling with the realization that I just might not get a snow day this year. And for once I was actually prepared! We have winter coats, snow boots, hats and mittens all ready and waiting in the closet. (Brent wore shorts today.)

What else is new? I made a spectacular quiche. I credit the chickens for this one- their eggs are so good. And both of the girls are laying now so I see a lot more quiche in our future. Brent bottled up the Ninkasi IPA knock-off this weekend. I also see a lot more beer in the days to come.

Hmm. In other news, Sawyer was mistaken for a girl at Papa's Pizza the other night and Jack has decided that he reallyreallyreally wants a ponytail. Will there be haircuts in our future, as well??

Sawyer ate some dirt at the park. Isn't it funny how you just have to let those rules about hygiene and eating off the floor go once the second kid comes along? It was relatively clean-looking dirt, at least.

Here's a rare sight: All of the kids are sitting still- quick! Grab the camera! Who cares if Sawyer is eating a stick and no one is looking at the camera.

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  1. Your last comment cracked me up – so true - a rare moment with all three in the same spot. I bet we could never get them to look at the camera at the same time! Love the pic of Jack and Lily on the tire swing - true happiness for the two-year-olds. :)