Monday, February 22, 2010


Heard around here in the past week:

As we were leaving the park after Jack had been playing with a kid in a blue shirt... "But Mom, I really want to stay and play with that blue guy. I really love him so much!"

"I really like his hair. I want my hair to be like that," Jack said after seeing a picture of this guy on TV....

(RIP Captain Phil!)

"Are you a new student?" Said to me as I tried to discretely sneak into a class of juniors and seniors at the high school for an observation. Those kids need to get their eyes checked. Seriously. Wow.

"... and I still think the internet is just a fad." Spoken by our friend Jeremy after he downed two bottles of Brent's latest batch of homebrew (the Ninkasi IPA Clone) in rapid succession.

"Oh my god- what have you done? He looks like that crazy Russian figure skater! What's his name? Plashenko! He looks like Plashenko!" Me freaking out when I realized Brent had *trimmed* Sawyer's bangs without consulting with me first.

After I paid him a compliment on his dapper appearance one day, Jack complained, "No Mom, I don't want to look handsome- I want to look cool!" Sheesh. Middle school here we come.

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