Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend At Home

Like father, like son. Here are some postcards that Brent made for the McKenzie River Native Trout Coalition. You can read more about the issue of hatchery fish in the McKenzie River here. I think Jack will catch the fishing bug just like his dad.

Nick and Mishaun popped into town for the beginning of the weekend. They arrived on Friday night and we three had a cozy fire and some homebrew while Brent went to the Brewfest at the fairgrounds with one of our neighbors. The next morning came pretty early (it does that when you stay up talking until 2 am) and we made the pancakes for breakfast. And no, it wasn't just my imagination- they really are that good.

We all nursed our pancake hangovers by lounging around all morning. Sawyer did some of his lounging on the living room floor. But the sun was out so we couldn't stay inside for too long..

Jack is all about the backyard. He can spend hours outside just puttering around and looking at things. He keep up a continuous chatter so it's easy for me to keep tabs on him from inside. He likes to work on his various "projects" and he'll explain them to you in great depth if you're curious. This independent play is a relatively new phenomenon for us. It's amazing what kids will come up with when they are left to invent their own ways of playing.

This was right before Hazel pecked Sawyer through the screen. She's pretty a pretty aggressive chicken, but she is the more reliable layer of the two, so I guess we'll keep her around.

Nick and Mishaun took part in an epic train track building extravaganza, complete with teetering bridges, precarious tunnels, and many head on collisions. They are good sports and I think Nick actually really enjoys the trains. Our boys are so lucky to have such a close relationship with their extended family. I remember loving the time I spent with my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, though it was usually for holidays and special occasions. Jack and Sawyer have almost all their family here in town or close by so visits are frequent and relationships are strong. I love that.

Sawyer snuggles. He is so lovey. I love that, too.

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  1. I think "the pancakes" is the perfect name for them!