Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beer and Donuts

This weekend was a mixed bag- beautiful, warmish, and springlike on Saturday and rainy gloom for Sunday. The first half of the weekend was devoted to another round of homebrewing. Brent's dad came over to help stir the pot and chase kids. The first brew (Dank Nugget IPA- go ahead and laugh. I did) was done before Christmas and we thought it was a dud based on our first tasting a few weeks ago. The flavor was good but there was no carbonation. All was not lost, though. Frantic internet research was done and it turns out that it just needed a few more weeks in a warmer spot. Sure enough- we heard that telltale psssssht as the next beer was cracked. It is delicious. So now we've moved on to the Ninkasi IPA Clone. I have high hopes for this one, although if it does indeed taste like Ninkasi IPA it might be dangerous for us to have five gallons of it sitting around our house.


A rainy Sunday morning came along and while many families were heading off to church, we paid our respects to a little cafe called Holy Donuts. Close enough. Don't be all shocked and appalled that we feed our kid donuts. These are the healthy kind. Well, healthier at least.

I really love this little place. It's super cozy and the owner is really friendly. Plus the decor is funky and the donuts are totally wild. Bacon apple fritter, anyone? (Not me.) No donuts for Sawyer (Jack ate two), but I am happy to report that all of his drooling has finally produced a lone tooth. So yay for teeth, I guess. And yay for donuts. Oh, and let's hear it for beer, too!


  1. Hello my lovely! I just got all caught up on your blog. I haven't heard from you in forever. I got a new email address. I'll PM it to you on facebook. Hope things are going well. Love your new header. Pretty!

  2. I lived there for 3 years and never knew of this Holy Donuts business...I have a serious weakness for all things donuts! Have I told you that I am loving your new blog???

  3. Brady- I was wondering why you hadn't replied to my last email...
    Erin- It's new. I'm sorry you missed out on the divinity that is Holy Donuts. Come visit?

  4. Cassadie

    Where is this 'Holy Donut' place anyway? Never heard of it. I, personally, am above eating donuts...meghann wants to know though.

  5. Luke, it's on Willamette at 14th ish. Tell Meghann I will eat Holy Donuts with her anytime! (PS: Will you "invite" me to become a reader of your blog?)