Wednesday, January 6, 2010


....endless pieces of art for the new "gallery" wall in Jack's room. He has finally begun to draw specific things- even if you can't tell what it is, he can and will describe to you in great detail his aesthetic visions. His creativity abounds.

... a new bag for Jack to carry his library books in. For those of you who might recognize it, this is my mom's New Home sewing machine (circa 1988) which was recently resurrected from my dad's basement. I was pleased (and amused) to discover that it is still under warranty.

... circles around the block with the new scooter and a giggling Sawyer in the stroller. You can just see how much he wants to be able to run and play with his big brother. Someday, little man, someday.

... daily trips to the chicken house for fresh eggs. Only one of our hens is laying, but we've found that an egg a day is just about right for our family. This is Jack's first foray into the world of household chores. He seems to be taking the responsibility quite seriously.

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