Monday, January 18, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

How annoying it must be to have a little brother roaming freely about your house and leaving a wake of destruction behind him. I mean here you are, making this great crane/block conveyor system in your room when suddenly nature calls and you come back to find that this guy has destroyed it all. Ruins! Rubble! Hysteria ensues!

And then! Then! He keeps showing you up at dinner time by becoming founder/president/divine monarch of the Clean Plate Club while you struggle over three measly peas. What is a two year old to do?

(He is eating black beans, by the way. Not that he wouldn't eat a bowl full of soil, though.)

I guess when the going gets tough, the tough start knitting. Or something like that.

The big payoff is coming, I'm told. Someday these two will be inseparable buddies and entertain each other for hours at a time while Brent and I sip wine from afar and regale each other with tales full of irony and wit. Until then I will continue to smile through clenched teeth as Jack makes comments like "Mom, I don't want a brother. Put him back in your tummy."

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