Friday, January 15, 2010

Growing Up

Preschool days are Wednesdays and Fridays. Jack has become obsessed with the days of the week ever since he started preschool a few weeks ago. He can't wait for preschool days and sometimes gets up extra super early on preschool days to announce to the sleeping house that it is, in fact, a preschool day. While his enthusiasm for preschool is charming, I wish he'd tone down his pre-dawn rejoicing. (Some of us are not as excited to get out of bed for school.)

Sawyer wants to be part of Jack's class. He so badly wants to run and play with the big kids. Again I find myself saying someday, little man (but not too soon!)

We celebrated Grandma's birthday at our house. Grandma and Great Grandma were thoughtful enough to bring dinner to us, thus sparing us the agony of attempting to dine in a restaurant with our two little monkeys. Jack spent a great deal of time methodically placing every single candle we had in the house on top of Grandma's birthday cake. She was a good sport about this. She is certainly not as old as this picture might have you believe.

Gah! My baby! He is becoming such a toddler. I had to force him into this baby-like pose so I could attempt to capture a fleeting image of his babyhood.

Where does the time go? Who are these kids and what have they done with my babies?

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  1. Great photo with the candlelight. Nice work.